The ups and downs of me, Raylene Taskoski, Mom, Wife, Pure Romance Consultant

Soccer Mom with an Edge

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If I were a roller coaster, I'd be an e-ticket
19 November 1968
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The Rule of Thumb is, if you look down at the menu, you should tip. If you look up at it, you don't.

Excellent Service - 20%
Fine Service - 18%
OK Service - 15%
To Go Service - 10%
Buffet Service - a dollar or two
Shitty Service - Up to You, but tell a manager though

Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Raylene Marie Savage
Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: 37
Date that you regularly blow them out? November 19
Pets: Raffikki, Kitten, Alley, Hercules - Cats, Mento - Dog.
Current Residence: Lisbon, CT
Favorite food: Pizza & Ribeye Steak
Favorite Movie: Princess Bride
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite all time TV show: Gilmore Girls

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