What’s a Commissionary?

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So the story goes like this.

Mike had just become an officer in the Navy Reserves at the ripe old age of 40 and we (the family) had just gotten our first military ID cards. We were on the base, at the liquor store (natch) and Mike says, is there any other place we’d like to go while we’re here? Tori says, I want to go to the commissionary. We laughed and, teasing her, said “what’s the commissionary?” She said, “you know, that place where everyone gets their groceries and stuff really cheap!” (she has friends who have base access). So we tell her it’s the Commissary … and she says “Then what’s a Commissionary?” The answer came to me so quickly that it was out of my mouth before I even knew what I was saying …

A Commissionary is someone who preaches the value of working for commission. [You heard it here, I made it up just over 2 years ago so if you ever hear it used in conversation, it's my contribution to the English Language.] For the record, I don’t necessarily mean commission, as in sales, but as in self-employment in general.

I realized a long time ago that I’ve always been a Commissionary. I’ve always been just as happy to see a woman sign up with a candle company as with my company, just so long as she was doing something to change her situation.

I’m a Commissionary. I don’t believe in picking up a second job, I believe in building something that you can control. You can control your income, your hours, your success. You don’t have to wait for someone to notice that you are amazing and promote you. You won’t not get promoted because the person above you hates you or you don’t have a degree, or you don’t have ‘the look’.

I’m a Commissionary. If you’re a stay at home mom who just needs some adult time and would like to have a little spending money, find the company that has the products you’d like to own (bags, candles, jewelry, cookware, toys – kid, toys – adult) and get moving. You may not even need or want to be a leader in the company, but you’ll benefit from a little you time, from using your brain in a different way than you’re used to, from a little extra ka-ching in your pocket.

I’m a Commissionary. Now, I’m not going to claim it’s easy and it isn’t for everyone. It’s infinitely easier to show up to a job and get paid to do mindless labor for X number of hours. When you’re self-employed, you’re essentially unemployed until you turn on your business mindset and DO something. You can’t phone it in. If you don’t feel like working, you won’t get paid. But if you DO work. Oh, if you do work your business, you will be amazed at what you can earn, in cash, in self-esteem, in general.

I’m a Commissionary. If you’re not living up to your potential, or your job isn’t taking advantage of all your talents, it’s time to look around for something you can do that will challenge you and make you money at the same time. If you have a degree in Culinary Arts, and you make the most awesome dessert creations, why are you still waitressing? Start catering, or offering specialty dessert trays … in your off hours.

There are many, many, many more success stories of women who chose to sign with a direct sales company and ultimately changed her life than those who took a second job waitressing or running a drive thru line at a fast food joint.

So that’s me, I’m a Commissionary and I’m preachin’ it.



Hey Dora, I have a backpack, where’s my map?

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The Secret (I’m told) makes it easy to get what you want, you just have to put it out in the Universe and then, I guess, the Universe is supposed to give it to you. Many trainings have told me that to get what I want I simply need to identify it, and write down the steps to get to there, it’s a map, it’s so simple, anyone can do it, just follow the path!

That’s what they all say.

The reality is that, and I’m going out on a limb here, most people don’t know what they want. Ask anyone if they want a million dollars and they’re going to say ‘yeah, obviously I want a million dollars’, but if you gave them a direct path on how get that million dollars on their own, you’re going to lose most of them because they don’t want to work for a million dollars. And let’s make it even more simple, ask some people if they want a cookie and they’ll say yes, but give them directions to make cookies and maybe they really didn’t want a cookie that badly, they were just willing to take it because it was offered.

I think a lot of people are like me. I want something I can’t put my finger on.

• I want to be valued, not tolerated, in work, in relationships, in life
• I want to matter, like some sort of loss would be experienced if I weren’t around, like George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life
• I want to make a difference, even in small insignificant ways
• I want to be someone that people are excited to introduce to their friends (I sometimes feel like I’m someone who is to be explained … this is Raylene, she’s uh, uhm, she’s … anyway, how is your day? LOL)
• I want to be able to handle criticism and confrontation without dissolving to anger tears
• I want the confidence and self-esteem that people seem to think I have.

Try drawing a path to THAT.



United Breaks Guitars

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See, that’s marketing 101 … come up with a catchy slogan. Except that in this case someone ELSE came up with the catchy slogan and it doesn’t seem to be going away! I remembered this the last month when a friend of mine was flying from HI to CT and his travel agent told him that United and Continental were the same price, which would he like to fly? He said, well since United breaks guitars, I’ll take Continental. It reminded me how much I love that song/video so I youtube’d it, laughed, put it out of my head. Until three days ago.

I’ve been having problems with the new scale that my mother bought me for my birthday. It’s doesn’t weigh properly! What follows is the letter that I emailed them:


I got out the brand new scale and got on it and was amazed to see that I was down 4 lbs from my old scale. Wow! I love this new scale. I got off and back on again and now I was 2 lbs up from my old scale. huh? And then I got off and back on again, and I was the same weight as the other scale. huh?

I tried again the next day and the same thing happened so I shoved it aside and stopped using it. Yesterday, my youngest daughter came into my office (yes, I keep it in my office, not in my bathroom so there’s no use blaming humidity), and she was excited to find that she’d finally hit 80 lbs. I told her to try again, she got off, got back on again and she was 66 lbs. She off and got back on again and she was 75 lbs.

So. That’s the story. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I’ll stop short of blaming you for my obvious weight gain since I started using / not using your scale though. LOL. Without the daily reality check, things have gotten out of hand. I don’t have the box, that was discarded a long time ago and I don’t want to ask my mom for the receipt to return it because she’d go off on tangent blaming herself for buying me a product that doesn’t work, etc. etc.

Please tell me that this is an anomaly, and that a further Taylor purchase won’t be a decision that weighs heavily on me. LOL, like that I did there?


So, here is there response:

Consistency is the key to accuracy with any scale. Moving the scale, stepping on and off repeatedly, carpeted floors and storing the scale on its side can have an effect on the accuracy of the scale. Below are some tips. If you still feel that the scale is defective, please return it under the warranty to the Taylor service center address below in New Mexico for a replacement.

You will get a more consistent reading if you keep your scale in the same location (hard, flat surface) weigh at the same time each day, position your feet in the same spot and stand still. (read: not our fault — you probably moved it)

Important: Taylor digital scales do require a fifteen minutes delay before weighing again. This will allow the electronic sensors inside the scale time to settle. If you step on the scale repeatedly it will give you fluctuating readings and may eventually lock on an incorrect reading. (read: not our fault — you stepped on it twice)

The tolerance on a Taylor scale is +/- 1% of the total weight being measured. Please try being consistent with the scale, the scale will be consistent with its readings within this tolerance. (read: it’s not accurate, deal with it)


So how does this tie in? After I read this, the word “taylor” was stuck in my head and what happened? I start singing “United…. you broke my Taylor guitar!!” LOL.

So there you go. Never let anyone write a catchy tune slamming your product because no one will forget it … and they’ll share it.

You did know I was dork, right?


If only I had an ego:

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I’m a star! They love me! They really love me! I didn’t realize this would have such entertainment value.

In other news, Happy St. Patricks day for those who are Irish and Happy Thursday for those who aren’t. We’re one day closer to the weekend! There’s Full Moon Madness at Margs this weekend and this is the first time I’ll be able to go since … I think NYE 2010 (Dec 31, 2009). It’s almost getting warm enough for a pub crawl in Mystic. I think we’ll have to get that planned for sometime this summer. Maybe I should start a “pub crawl” business like the one I saw in Rome. (OMG that would be so fun!) If we still had cruise ships that stopped here, I totally would, although probably a cruise ship doing the New England coast is likely to be more families and retirees than people who’d be interested in a pub crawl. OK scratch that.

And therein is the reason I’m an eticket. I’m up and right back down just like that!

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Wow. So much spam

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I didn’t think I looked that stupid. I didn’t think I sounded that stupid, but apparently a vaguely worded ‘thanks for posting this’ or ‘I’ve read through all the comments and I tend to see both sides of this’ is the extent needed for most people to not realize that their blog has just been spammed. Oh and trying to engage me in a conversation about the mechanics of my blog so you can keep spamming won’t work either.

Sorry spammers, I’m smarter than that. Every comment is viewed.


The State of the Ray Ray

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Wow, since November I haven’t posted? I guess Facebook pretty much makes it easier to spurt out your thoughts 420 characters at a time. It’s actually a lot harder to write a blog or even go seriously old skool with my Live Journal. How in the world did I ever manage to journal for nearly 4 years?

I realized the other day that, among many others, the tabs on my Google chrome are among my most favorite things! When my computer reboots and I have to reopen all my tabs I’m like AHHH! Damn you Voldemort! LOL. Always open tabs include:

GMAIL<--- life does not begin until I check my email.
keepin’ up with my customers
gotta know what’s Krazy This Week!
running a business, dontcha know!
my online calendar. <3
LOVE. I can do anything for 15 minutes a day.
if it’s for free, it’s for me.

If you have a Words Free with Friends, Wordfued FREE and Wordsmith Free account, you can find me under Raylene056. (LOL, all free. As I said, if it’s for free, it’s for me!)

So, there you have it. My favorite places to be on the internet.

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Looking for a reason to be thankful right now?

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Check out Updates on Christopher Couillard: Victim of a Drunk Driver.

Donate $100 to April and her kids to help keep them afloat during these extremely trying times and I’ll send you a different Pure Romance mild product every month for a year. Good for the first 12 donations.

Forward your paypal confirmation email to or contact me for other options.

It’s a win-win situation folks. You’re going to get about $168 worth of product, no tax, no shipping, just for helping out a family who really needs your help.

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(no subject)

Me: We can do the party on the 20th.
Tori: No everyone will be high.
Me: *beat* Oh yeah, 420. You mean everyone will be high but you?
Tori: Obviously.


Happy Easter!